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  • SureFoot® Mat

    The SureFoot® Mat improves ‘welfare for animals and people’ by providing a safer rubber surface under foot!

    Product Overview of the SureFoot®Mat :

    SureFoot Mat

    Traditional concrete surfaces often contribute to injury to cattle through slipping and falling and through hoof splitting.  Cattle yards, pens and laneways become slippery and uneven and cattle are at high risk of injury and infection.  Slipping over can result in severe damage to leg tendons and lower spine and this type of injury frequently leads to the animal having to be put down. The SureFoot®Mat provides an easy to install, cost effective solution that virtually eliminates cattle losses resulting from falls.

    Benefits of the SureFoot®Mat:

    • Enhances animal welfare & reduces lameness
    • Rubber matting is easy to install, maintain and clean
    • Positive impact on meat colour and pH
    • Increased profits through reduced cattle losses
    • Cost effective – eliminates the need for loose flooring
    • Cattle prefer walking on the rubber mat and are noticeably calmer as a result
    • The Flooring of Choice – ALMA – Code of Practice 2013
    • Rubber mat reduces dust which can carry Q-Fever

    Applications of the SureFoot®Mat:

    • Cattle yards
    • Cattle transport and trucks
    • Cattle crushes
    • Feedlots
    • Sale Yards
    • Dairies
    • Abattoirs

    Technical Specifications of the SureFoot®Mat:

    Total Dimensions
    Thickness 18mm
    Mat Width: 1220mm
    Mat Length: 1830mm
    Material Rubber (shore hardness 65+2)
    Installation Holes 16 per mat
    Method of Fixing RPS concrete fasteners, steel fasteners or timber fasteners

    SureFoot®Mat – Product in Focus:

    Product In Focus – Surefoot® Mat

    SureFoot®Mat Gallery of Images:


    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd