enhancing animal welfare under foot
reduces cattle stress and anxiety
unique mat design reduces slipping and is easier to wash
non slip surface promotes cattle confidence and contentment
provides protection under foot
calmer cows are easier to handle and produce more milk

Saleyards & Feedlots

Matting of choice by livestock exchanges wanting to upgrade their yards for OH&S and animal welfare reasons.

Dirt and wood chip surfaces are messy and expensive to maintain.

Using SureFoot® Mat is cost effective and does not harbour dangerous bacteria that can accumulate in disposable materials such as wood chips and dirt.


Product Applications for Saleyards & Feedlots


Is the choice of matting for upgrading concrete surfaces.  Buyers are reluctant to source cattle from concrete yards where the cattle quickly lose condition from the hard unforgiving surface.

The SureFoot® mat prevents lameness, slipping and promotes calmer cattle.

SureGrip® Mat

Our new SureGrip® mat is a recent addition as an alternative to the SureFoot® mat which is ideal for use on slopping surfaces.

Agri-Ground Cell®

The surface reinforcement structure that typically is used in dirt yards around troughs and feeders and in laneways where ruts and holes occur.


Protect your assets with the SureDock® docking cushions.

Available in three sizes to suit all applications from trailers to trucks and saleyards.