enhancing animal welfare under foot
reduces cattle stress and anxiety
unique mat design reduces slipping and is easier to wash
non slip surface promotes cattle confidence and contentment
provides protection under foot
calmer cows are easier to handle and produce more milk


Follow the example of the industry leaders and reduce slipping and potential injury to your cattle and staff.

Concrete surfaces and hard feet are a bad combination.

Helps eliminate slipping and lameness making a safer and more pleasant environment for both cows and milkers.


Product Applications for Dairies

Dairy Pits

Dairy Pit Cushion

SureFoot® Mat

SureFoot® Mat is recognised by industry professionals for its ability to reduce animal stress, lameness and injury from slipping. Traditional surfacing such as concrete is no longer meeting the requirements of such a heavily regulated industry. Progressive dairy farmers are now addressing the challenges surrounding the safety and welfare of their most prized and valuable possessions – their cattle and their people.

Whether it be a new installation or upgrade of older sheds animal welfare, OH&S, and return for investment is paramount.

SureCushion® Dairy Pit Mat

Designed in Australia with input from dairy darmers, the SureCushion® Dairy Pit Mat offers a nonslip soft surface that is extremely durable and easy to install.

Being manufactured from reclaimed SBR/natural tyre rubber, the SureCushion® Dairy Pit Mat is a ‘green’ product which reduces the carbon footprint.

SureGrip® Mat

Our new SureGrip® Mat is designed for the benefit of steep and undulating areas such as underpasses and exits that are slippery and dangerous for both cattle and staff.

These areas can be easily covered with the SureGrip® Mat that will help eliminate these issues, with the benefits of this unique non-slip design to help with water runoff.

Agri-Ground Cell®

The surface reinforcement structure that turns bog holes and high traffic wear spots into stable and level surfaces which require extremely little maintenance.

The RPS Agri‐Ground Cell® surface reinforcement structures create a stable and durable surface suitable for a variety of uses around your farm. The cells can also be used to collect rainwater and direct water to surface infiltration areas.

The regular maintenance of high wear areas including tracks becomes costly and time consuming. An area installed with RPS Agri‐Ground Cell® becomes very low maintenance and may only need ’top filling’ every 18 months.


Protect your assets with the SureDock® docking cushions.

Available in three sizes to suit all applications from trailers to trucks and saleyards.