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    Cattle losses from slipping and spreading is virtually eliminated with the installation of  SureFoot® Dairy Matting !


    Clark Bros (V Arnup) - Willow Grove VIC

    Clark Bros (V Arnup) – Willow Grove VIC

    Cattle losses from slipping and spreading can be avoided with SureFoot® Rubber Matting by RPS Industries!  The unique design of the patented SureFoot® Mat provides cattle with a confident footing when entering and exiting the milking shed and virtually eliminates cattle falling over on slippery concrete surfaces.

    The SureFoot® Dairy Mat decreases animal anxiety and relieves stress to muscles and joints.  The cattle actually prefer to stand on the rubber matting and farmers have commented that they are noticeably calmer and much easier to handle… quieter cattle means smoother operations and a safer work environment.

    In 2013, the patented SureFoot® Mat was listed as the ‘rubber flooring of choice’ in the  ALMA – Code of practice and meets all of the necessary elements required to comply with the Animal Welfare soft-flooring standards outlined therein.

    Recommended by the RSPCA and approved by the MLA the SureFoot® Dairy Mat is ideal for use in high traffic areas such as turning points, dairy entrances and exits and holding yards.  The unique ‘Sure Foot’ design reduces slipping, hoof splitting and beast agitation and allows for calm movement of animals throughout the dairy. This ensures a safer working environment for both animals and staff.   Additionally,  the rubber mats are easy to clean and do not harbour a build up of bacteria which means that the risk of infection through open wounds is greatly reduced.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduced risk of injury;
    • Smoother operations and;
    • Increased animal welfare.



     “The SureFoot® Mat should be promoted … as a way of improving animal welfare and by reducing meat colour and pH to increase carcass sale price.

    MLA – Food Safety Operations P/L Report (2002)

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    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd