enhancing animal welfare under foot
reduces cattle stress and anxiety
unique mat design reduces slipping and is easier to wash
non slip surface promotes cattle confidence and contentment
provides protection under foot
calmer cows are easier to handle and produce more milk

SureFoot® Platform Mat

The SureFoot® Platform Mat improves ‘welfare for cows by providing a safer surface under foot!

The animal welfare of cows is a factor that is taken very seriously with dairy farm owners.

Worn concrete surfaces and metal platforms are responsible for slipping and risk of falling is extremely high. The SureFoot® Platform Mat improves surface grip and provides an easy to install, cost effective rubber matting solution that significantly reduces the incidences of slipping and injury resulting from slippery surfaces.


Enhances animal welfare & reduces slipping and falling.

Easy to install, maintain and clean.

Positively contributes to animal welfare.


Rotary Platforms

Product Specifications

Mat Width700mm tapered to 600mm
Mat Length1550mm
MaterialRubber (shore hardness 65+2)
Installation Holes12 per mat
Method of FixingRPS concrete fasteners, steel fasteners or timber fasteners