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    RPS SureFoot© Mat addresses issues of Animal Welfare for businesses involved in cattle handling and processing.


    Sure Footing For Cattle

    Provides protection under foot

    With an increasing awareness and consumer demand for products that have been produced free of animal cruelty, the industry is diligently seeking out answers to improve the welfare of cattle within their facilities. Dairies, Sale Yards, Abattoirs and Feedlots are looking for solutions to address issues such as slipping and falling, hoof injury, dark cutting and infection.

    The benefits of using rubber matting in the production and management of cattle is diverse and wide-spread.  It provides comfort to animals, increased profits to farmers and processors and peace of mind to consumers.

    How the RPS Industries SureFoot® Mat and Rubber Products assist in cattle welfare:

    • Patented design of the SureFoot® Rubber Mat provides traction and reduces the risk of slipping, spreading and falling
    • Under foot cushioning properties of the rubber matting means less muscle and joint stress
    • Non-slip rubber matting surface promotes cattle confidence making them calmer and easier to handle
    • Cushioned rubber surface and maximum traction means less hoof splitting and infection from open wounds
    • The easy to clean rubber surface doesn’t absorb liquid so deters harbour harmful bacteria which can enter open wounds and cause infection
    • The unique design features of the RPS SureHold™ Cattle Crush Fender, ensures that animals don’t suffocate from sliding down in the head stall
    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd