enhancing animal welfare under foot
eliminates the risk of slipping
BlueFrog™ bedding


Reduce injuries from slipping and increase animal welfare with SureFoot© Mat products.

RPS Industries has developed a range of durable ‘horse friendly’ rubber matting products with the specific needs of horses in mind. Options include ‘smart’ solutions for stalls and stables, breezeways, horse walkers, high traffic areas, horse floats and wash down bays.

Product Applications for Trainers

Slippery Surfaces and Slopes


Wash Down Bays


Boggy Areas

Agri-Ground Cell®

SureFoot® Mat

SureFoot® Mat is recognised by industry professionals for its ability to reduce animal stress, lameness and injury from slipping.

ProLite® Mat

The ProLite® mat is a great alternative and is ideally suited to protect animals welfare because of the redesigned diamond pattern. This attractive mat is long wearing and durable.

SureCushion™ Mat

The underneath rubber feet help give maximum cushion whilst allowing to breath and protects horses from cold, damp flooring as well as eliminating the need for loose bedding which can cause respiratory issues.

SureGuard™ Protection Mat

Provides protection in areas where horses are likely to panic or lash out. Perfect for wall linings, the SureGuard™ Mat is durable and easy to install.

Product in Action