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SureGuard® Protection Mat

The SureGuard® Protection Mat provides a durable rubber cushion surface to protect your animals and equipment. Easy to install, and able to withstand constant exposure to moisture this mat is a great all-rounder!

The RPS SureGuard® Protection Mat was initially developed to provide a protective ‘cushion’ rubber surface for Equine Training pools and areas where ‘lashing out’ has caused risk to animals and handlers.

The rubber mat needed to be durable, easy to clean, able to withstand constant exposure to water and moisture and of a material that protected horses from injury when entering and exiting the training pool.

The  SureGuard® Mat has since proven it’s versatility and is successful in other applications where protective surfacing is required to protect animals, people and structures.


Protective quality reduces risk of injury to animal, people and structures.

Durable, easy to clean and install.

Able to withstand extended exposure to moisture.

Versatile and suitable for multiple applications.

Contributes to noise reduction resulting in calmer and easier to handle animals.


Training Pools • Stable Wall Linings


Product Specifications

Mat Width x Length1220 x 1550mm
Overlap Thickness8mm
Overlap Width60mm