enhancing animal welfare under foot
eliminates the risk of slipping
BlueFrog™ bedding

SureFoot® Mat

The SureFoot® Mat improves ‘welfare for animals and people’ by providing a safer surface under foot!

The Animal Welfare of horses and the OH&S of jockeys and facility staff is a factor that is taken very seriously within ‘horse’ circles and a breach in any one of these areas can leave businesses open to litigation and substantial investment losses.

Concrete surfaces and metal horse shoes are a notoriously lethal combination and the risk of injury from slipping, spreading and/or falling is extremely high. The SureFoot®Mat improves surface grip and provides an easy to install, cost effective rubber matting solution that significantly reduces the incidences of falls and injury resulting from slippery concrete surfaces. It not only protects the animal but also the handlers and jockeys who often sustain injury when a horse falls.


Enhances animal welfare & reduces slipping, spreading and falling.

Easy to install, maintain and clean.

Positively contributes to animal welfare and OH&S.

Reduces dust and associated respiratory issues.

Reduces cross contamination between surface areas.


Breezeways • Laneways • Crossovers • Underpasses • Equine Swimming Pools • Loading Ramps • Racing Complex Day Stalls


Product Specifications

Mat Width x Length1220mm x 1830mm
MaterialRubber (shore hardness 65+2)
Installation Holes16 per mat
Weight50kg per mat
Method of FixingRPS concrete fasteners, steel fasteners or timber fasteners