enhancing animal welfare under foot
eliminates the risk of slipping
BlueFrog™ bedding

SureFoot® Easy‐Fix System™

No concrete? No problem! The SureFoot®‘Easy-Fix’ System™ enables you to gain all the benefits of the patented SureFoot® Mat without having to first lay a concrete base.

The SureFoot® ‘Easy‐Fix’ System™ can be installed directly over dirt and is specifically designed to provide a practical, durable and cost‐effective solution for high traffic pressure points such as laneways and gates.


Enhances animal welfare and reduces lameness.

Easy to install, maintain and clean.

Prevents erosion in high pressure areas.

Cost Effective – no need to lay a concrete base.

Reduces cross contamination between surface areas.

Excellent load bearing capacity.


Laneways • Gates • Other areas where increased traction is required


Product Specifications

Mat Width x Length1220 x 1830mm
Crush Strength225t/m2