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  • SureDock®

    Protect loading ramps and eliminate damage to trucks with the RPS SureDock® Rubber Docking Cushion – easy to install and able to withstand the ‘hard knocks’ associated with trucks backing up to the ramp.

    Product Overview of the SureDock® Rubber Docking Cushion:

    SureDock™ Docking Cushion

    The RPS SureDock® Rubber Docking Cushion is the only docking cushion of its size and capability in the market today! Developed to withstand ‘hard knocks’ and constant battering from trucks backing up and ‘bumping heavily’ into them these cushions will save you money through reduced damage to both equipment and vehicles. The durable rubber docking cushion is easily attached to either the upright poles or horizontal base of the loading ramp and provides unbeatable protection for years to come.

    Benefits of the SureDock® Rubber Docking Cushion:

    • Tough rubber construction and thick rubber wall provides maximum impact protection and eliminates damage to trucks and ramps
    • Easy to install and can be retro‐fitted
    • Cost effective to purchase and saves money in costly repairs to ramps and vehicles

    Applications of the SureDock® Rubber Docking Cushion:

    • Loading Ramps
    • Vehicle Bumpers

    Technical Specifications of the SureDock® Rubber Docking Cushion:

    Total Dimensions
    Wall Thickness: 50mm
    Width: 200mm
    Height: 200mm
    Length: 1000mm
    Weight: 30kg

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    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd