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  • Horse Tailgate Mat

    Reduce the risk of slipping with the RPS Rubber Horse Tailgate Mat…

    Product Overview of the Horse Tailgate Mat:

    Tailgate Mat - Transmend FloatsThe premium rubber used to manufacture the Horse Tailgate Mat provides maximum traction for horses entering and exiting the float.  Less slipping means less risk of injury to horse and handler.  The rubber matting also provides a protective barrier which protects the ramp surface.

    Benefits of the Horse Tailgate Mat:

    • Anti-slip ‘hoof’ design assists in preventing slipping and falling which can result in injury
    • The rubber is easy to clean and doesn’t hold liquids which can lead to infections from bacteria growth
    • Impact absorbing rubber reduces stress in animals
    • The durable rubber surface protection reduces damage to ramps and float flooring

    Applications of the Horse Tailgate Mat:

    • Horse float and horse truck tailgates

    Specifications of the Horse Tailgate Mat:

    Horse Tailgate Mat Photo Gallery:

    Deluxe Tailgate Mat

    Deluxe Tailgate Mat

    SureFoot® Tailgate Mat (Premium)

    SureFoot® Tailgate Mat (Premium)

    Premium SureFoot® Tailgate Mat – Total Dimensions
    Colour: Black
    Width: 2000mm
    Length: 1500mm
    Thickness: 20mm
    Deluxe Tailgate Mat – Total Dimensions
    Colour: Black
    Width: 2135mm
    Length: 1526mm
    Thickness: 12.7mm
    Step Spacing: 102mm

    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd