enhancing animal welfare under foot
eliminates the risk of slipping
BlueFrog™ bedding

Cloth Insertion Roll

A durable, anti-slip Maxi-Cushion™ insertion roll that provides maximum traction and cushioning. Protects animals and humans from stress injuries associated with standing for long periods of time.

The RPS Cloth Insertion Roll is specifically designed to be applied to horse float floor in a single piece avoiding the need for joins.

Being manufactured from reclaimed SBR/natural tyre rubber the Float Insertion Roll is a ‘green’ product and reduces the carbon foot-print.


Shock absorbing properties of the rubber – provides outstanding protection for horses.

Textured rubber surface which ensures a safer floor surface by delivering extra grip.

Non-porous rubber product that will not absorb fluids, nor support bacteria growth. It’s also very easy to clean.

High quality rubber compound which is incredibly long lasting.

Wide rolls – NO JOINS ! – A single piece can be applied avoiding the need for time wasting butt joins.


Horse Floats • Goose Necks • Breezeways


Product Specifications

Shore Hardness5mpa
MaterialReclaimed SBR & natural rubber