enhancing animal welfare under foot
eliminates the risk of slipping
BlueFrog™ bedding


BlueFrog™ Bedding

Cleanest and most absorbent bedding available – better bedding ‘made naturally’.

The effect of dust on horses health is well recognized. Under normal stable conditions, in a single breath, a horse can inhale up to 12 million particles of dust into his lungs. A recent study found that in horses showing no clinical signs of disease, up to 50% had inflammations of the airways, a potential precursor to COPD.

Using ‘dust free’ bedding will significantly reduce the respiratory challenge from the horses environment.


‘Dust free’ wood shavings means NO floating particles can be inhaled.

NO fungi-spores and NO bacteria.

Made from natural and sustainable source of pine trees.

The trees we use are replaced by even more trees.

White wood is used for its elasticity and softness of bedding.

Kiln drying naturally heat sterilizes the flakes for greater absorption.

Large only flakes are extremely absorbent.

Dust extraction is stringently controlled to ensure dust free flakes.



Product Specifications

Bales Per Pallet26
Weight Per Bale18kg
Usage- 6 bales per 4x4m stable to a depth of 200mm
- 3 bales ONLY on SureCushion® Matting
Top Up1 bale per week