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    Minimizing risk of injury to workers and handlers is imperative to increasing human welfare and in decreasing the incidence of insurance claims within the industry.


    Some of the risks faced within the equine and racing industry include:

    Injury to jockeys and handlers when a horse looses its footing:

    The SureFoot® Mat is specifically designed to reduce slipping and spreading on surfaces that are prone to becoming slippery, particularly when wet.  Metal horse shoes on concrete surfaces are a major contributing factor to injury resulting from an animal falling- the SureFoot® Rubber Mat provides a ‘sure – footing’ for horses and increases animal confidence and human safety.

    Risk to handlers when a horse becomes ‘spooked’ and  shies or bolts:

    Often noise created from non-insulated and cushioned surfaces can be a contributing factor to horse panic.  The SureFoot® range of rubber matting products dampen noise and echo which reduces animal anxiety and the risk of shying which can potentially throw riders and trap or injure those standing by.

    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd