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    Follow the example of the industry leaders and reduce slipping and potential injury to your horses and staff…


    Concrete surfaces and metal horse shoes are a bad combination. Underpass at Cranbourne Training Centre

    The combination of metal horse shoes and concrete surfacing presents a high risk of injury to both horses and riders and with an increased trend towards litigation many businesses are looking for solutions to minimize risk and maximise profits.

    The SureFoot® Mat is recognised by industry professionals for its ability to reduce animal stress, lameness and injury from slipping. Traditional surfacing such as concrete is no longer meeting the requirements of such a heavily regulated industry. Savvy owners are now expecting racing establishments to proactively address the challenges surrounding the safety and welfare of their most prized and valuable possessions – their horses and their people.

    In an industry where Animal Welfare and OH&S are paramount, ensuring animal safety and minimising risk to both horses and humans is a significant issue requiring immediate and practical solutions.

    The SureCushion™ Mat is a rubber matting which provides maximum cushion underfoot and protects horses from cold, damp flooring as well as eliminating the need for loose bedding which can cause respiratory issues.

    The SureGuard™ Protection Mat is a tough rubber mat product which provides protection in areas where horses are likely to panic or lash out.  Perfect for training pools and other wall linings, the SureGuard™ Mat is durable and easy to install.

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