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    In an industry where one mistake can cost thousands of $$$, issues of animal welfare are a primary consideration …


    Provides protection underfoot

    Provides protection underfoot

    The benefits of using rubber matting within the equine and horse racing industry is diverse and wide-spread.  It provides comfort to animals and investment protection and increased profits to owners and stake holders.

    RPS Industries Matting products assist in horse welfare:

    • The patented diamond chain design of the SureFoot® Mat provides traction and reduces the risk of slipping, spreading and falling.  This promotes horse confidence making them calmer and easier to handle.
    • Under foot cushioning ensures less hoof injury and reduces muscle and joint stress
    • The easy to clean surface does not absorb liquid and so does not harbour harmful bacteria which can enter via open wounds and cause infection
    • The protective cushioning of the SureGuard™ Mat provides a surface barrier that protects horses from injury in areas where they are likely to kick out or become snagged on sharp surfaces.
    • The 3 layer cushioning of the SureCushion™ Mat provides a warm dry surface to ensure maximum comfort in stalls and veterinary facilities
    • Rubber matting eliminates the need for loose flooring which can contribute to respiratory issues from particle inhalation.
    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd