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  • Testimonials – What people are saying about RPS SureFoot® & Rubber Cattle Mat Products

    MLA logo “Under trials of 100 head placed on the SureFoot® Mat  and increased sale price in excess of $2000 or $20.00 per head was calculated compared to the same number of cattle placed on the concrete surface. The SureFoot® Mat should be promoted to abattoirs as a way of improving animal welfare and by reducing meat colour and pH to increase carcass sale price. This surface has also been utilized in milking sheds with cattle, where it has proven to be both durable and easy to clean”. MLA Australia – Extracts taken from Food Safety Operations Pty Ltd report prepared August 2002.

    ”The installation of the RPS SureFoot® Cattle mat has dramatically improved animals condition before slaughtering and continually produces a Premium Grade of meat which has increased our earnings significantly.

    When you slaughter between 750 & 1000 yearlings a week it doesn’t take much to work out the value of RPS SureFoot® Cattle mats which we paid in just 4 weeks.There is no doubt the animals settle down easier on the matting and we certainly use less water when cleaning them.

    If I had more yards or were to ever expand the operations I would certainly use the RPS SureFoot® Cattle mat”. Graham Pretty – Greenham’s Abattoirs Livestock Manager

    ”The RPS SureFoot® matting is the best stuff I’ve ever used around the cow yard in my life . . . . . . . . Now my cows aren’t slipping over when turning in the yard and they’ve gone from being nervous as anything to not giving a damn! The new pit flooring is great too . . . it’s better on my knees and our milkers are much more comfortable and find it easier to work. Before installing RPS rubber surfacing I had an open mind, but it has far exceeded my expectations and I’II be doing more areas with it!” Rob Benson – Dairy Farmer – Bena Victoria

    ”We had a major issue with our slippery dairy floor & searched every where for a solution, but it was only when we discovered & tested RPS’ SureFoot® Cattle mat that we knew had solved the problem.  Initially the cattle balked at the matting, but within 2 days they began to enter the dairy quicker & quieter because they were now sure footed and confident. Even the smaller cows which normally get pushed around now enter the bails more confidently. As a result of the cows entering & exiting the bails quicker our milking time has reduced and the time to hose out the dairy & water usage has halved.  Since the SureFoot® Cattle mat installation I haven’t lost a beast, so my $7,000 mat investment has paid for itself in just 6 months”. Heath Cook – Dairy Farmer – Dorrigo 

    ”My initial reaction to using the RPS SureFoot® Cattle mat was that it looked slippery. After speaking with Darrell from RPS and seeing the product around I decided to give the mats a go. Immediately after installing the mats it fixed our problem and I wish we had done it ages ago. The cattle now don’t slip over at all & the mats work marvellously. I can recommend the RPS SureFoot® Cattle mat to anyone who needs to fix their hotspots or entire yard area.” George Wade – Dairy Farmer – Trafalgar

     ”It had been costing me about $10,000 per year losing cows in my dairy until I put the SureFoot® in.

    The$2,000 I spent on the mats has only taken me 2 or so months to recover from not losing a cow. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent . . . . . . they save me time and save me losing cows.

    Now there’s no hassle in the dairy. Even my wife came in and couldn’t believe how quiet they were. I can’t say enough about the mats, they’re great & I’d recommend them to anyone. Anyone who doesn’t put them in has got rocks in their head.” Vern Arnup – Dairy Farmer – Trafalgar

     ”After we installed the RPS SureFoot® mat we experienced an immediate improvement in animal grip especially in the drafting area. The cattle seem to be happy and content when walking over the surface, and they are noticeably quieter too.

    We have also installed RPS rubber surfacing into other areas where slipping is of a concern including the walkways for feedlot staff that were previously an OH&S hazard”.

    Elders Charlton Feedlot – Management

    ”The installation of RPS’ SureFoot® Mat has provided an outcome a lot better than I expected . . . . . . . . The cattle are coming off the new surface a lot fresher & the buyers, farmers and agents are much happier.

    At night the animals are lying down and need a shake up to get them up in the morning . . . . . . . . . they’ve very content !!!.It’s ridiculous how much easier it is to clean the yards and our water savings would be substantial.

    I’m keen to get RPS back to do more areas as I know the benefits of their SureFoot® Rubber surface”.

    Allan White – Saleyard Manager – Camperdown Saleyards

    During the trials it became very obvious to me that the RPS Cattle mats were a far superior product than the other mats being tested. The animal’s behaviour has changed & on approach to the slip areas they walk through with confidence & ease.  Because we knew it was the right product for the right application, we had no hesitation deciding to do all the areas. After almost a year in commercial use the original Cattle mats still show no signs of wear” Tim McIntyre – Livestock Exchange Manager – Inverell Regional Livestock Exchange

    ”The process of trialing different surfaces has been a challenge, but it was important that we found a solution for animal welfare and to give us a competitive edge. We currently process 120,000 head per year of which 25,000 are store cattle and without the RPS SureFoot® matting our store buyers would probably go elsewhere. The initial outcome has been good. . . . . . I’ve noticed the animals like to stand on the rubber and often can be found lying down. Also our wash down time has reduced enormously and the amount of water that we use is less. Mike Atwell – Exchange Manager – Mt Gambier Livestock Exchange

    ”Our scale areas were becoming a very big problem to us and the welfare of the animals was a major concern so we knew we had to do something urgently. After some research and earning about the SureFoot® mat gave us great confidence that there was a solution to our problem. RPS showed us their product had been proven in a variety of applications ranging from saleyards to abattoirs. Overall our RPS SureFoot® Matting is going very well and the agents really like it and we are looking at options to put more of it in other areas of our saleyard”. Paul Klar – Saleyards Foreman – Roma Saleyards

    ”The trial of the RPS SureFoot Cattle mat has eliminated the problem we had with animals slipping over. Now that we have seen how well it works we’ll continue to use the rubber surfacing throughout the yards. Our overall upgrade of the facilities will be greatly enhanced by RPS’ SureFoot mat, now making us a more attractive option for buyers and sellers to continue to use our yards.” Manager – Scone Saleyards

    ”The RPS SureFoot® Cattle mat has eliminated the issue we wanted to resolve without any negative impact. Prior to the RPS SureFoot® Cattle mat installation we spent at least $1,000 a month on grit & cleaning costs which has now been reduced to a minimum. The additional benefit is the ammonia odour that used to float around the facility & into the administration offices has completely gone. The mats have also eliminated the slip problem we originally had at the lead-in area where we had a concrete surface. If we hadn’t found the RPS SureFoot® Cattle mat we’d probably be still looking & using our existing dirt floor”. Paul Martin – Manager – Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre

    ”After consultation with Agents & Animal Welfare Groups I’d been looking for a surfacing solution to give the animals something soft to stand on & that wasn’t slippery. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .then I came across the RPS SureFoot® mat and I was surprised it was as good as it is ! The mat has removed cattle soreness and the animals are now in better condition. I’d certainly use the RPS SureFoot® Mat again and have already recommended it to other saleyards that are considering soft flooring”. Paul White – Exchange Manager – Warrnambool Livestock Exchange

    “We were continually having wear problems around our water troughs & feed pads. After installing the  Agri-Ground Cell™ I was amazed how it stabilized the ground and keeps the area cleaner. There’s no problem to run over it with the tractor without damaging it, and it can be easily lifted if you need to get underneath. The Agri-Ground Cell® is an extremely cheap option for keeping the area clean & level surface with almost no maintenance”. Steve Currie – Manager – Herdman Springs Farm

    ”We had been trying to find a solution to stop foot soreness & to help the cattle retain their condition for more than a year now & I’d almost given up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .then I came across the RPS SureFoot® mat and it solved the problem immediately! Our customers are rapt with the result ………. the animals now arrive to them much fresher & in better condition. The mats have removed cattle soreness and have secured our relationship with our abattoir customers. I’d have no qualm in recommending the RPS SureFoot® Mat, and we continue to use it whenever we can”. Robert – Pages’ Livestock Transport Maintenance Manager

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