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  • RPS SureHold® Cattle Crush Fender System

    Prevent injury from cattle sliding down or pulling back out of the bales!  The  RPS SureHold® Cattle Crush Fender System provides an easy retro-fit solution to ensure your crush securely holds  your cattle and prevents them from breaking free.

    Product Overview of the SureHold® Cattle Crush Fender:

    SureHold™ Cattle Crush FenderThe straight tubing  used in traditional crushes is often unable to properly contain modern breeds of cattle whose neck dimensions are as big, if not bigger than their head. The cattle were placing themselves and their handlers at risk of injury by ‘pulling free’ from the constraints of the crush that was originally designed for cattle with thinner necks. The RPS SureHold® Crush System is a specifically designed rubber fender that addresses this issue and can be retro-fitted to the existing crush. This eliminates the need for a costly replacement and ensures that the crush remains functional for years to come.

    Benefits of the  of the SureHold® Cattle Crush Fender:

    • Reduces injury to both animals and handlers
    • Easy to install and can be retro-fitted
    • Cost effective – no need to replace the existing crush

    Applications  of the SureHold® Cattle Crush Fender:

    • Cattle crushes
    • Knocking boxes

    Technical Specifications of the SureHold®Cattle Crush Fender:

    Total Dimensions
    Thickness: 25-40mm variable
    Width: 65mm
    Length: 700mm

      SureHold® Cattle Crush Fender – Product in Focus:

    SureHold® Cattle Crush Fender Gallery of Images:


    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd