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  • Agri‐Ground Cell® – Surface Stabilisation

    The surface reinforcement structure that turns bog holes & high traffic wear spots into stable & level surfaces which require extremely little maintenance …

    Product Overview of the Agri‐Ground Cell®:

    Agri- Ground Cell

    The RPS Agri‐Ground Cell® reinforcement structures create a stable and durable surface suitable for a variety of uses around your farm.  The cells can also be used for the construction to collect rainwater and direct water to surface infiltration areas.

    Benefits of the Agri‐Ground Cell®:

    • Incredible load bearing capacity
    • Pervious & free draining surface
    • Prevents erosion to tracks & round troughs, etc
    • Stops pugging
    • Keeps animal’s udders clean & in turn prevents bacteria
    • Eliminates muddy & boggy areas
    • Greatly reduced surface maintenance
    • Easy to install
    • Cost effective in comparison to concrete & ongoing surface maintenance

    Cost Benefits of the Agri‐Ground Cell®:

    The regular maintenance of high wear areas including tracks becomes costly & time consuming. An area installed with RPS Agri‐Ground Cell® becomes very low maintenance and may only need ’top filling’ every 18 months.

    Applications of the Agri‐Ground Cell®:

    • Around Troughs
    • Laneways, entrances & exits to feed pads

    Specifications of the Agri‐Ground Cell®:

    Total Dimensions
    Width: 500mm
    Height: 50mm
    Length: 600mm
    Crush Strength: 225t/m2


    Agri‐Ground Cell® – Case Studies:

    Agri‐Ground Cell® – Gallery of Images:

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