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    Provide a ‘Sure Footing’ for transported stock – SureFoot® Rubber Matting means more grip, less injury and calmer animals.


    The SureFoot® Mat provides an easy to clean, durable and animal friendly flooring for your truck or trailer. Tray Truck - With Cage

    ”We had been trying to find a solution to stop foot soreness & to help the cattle retain their condition for more than a year now & I’d almost given up.  Then I came across the RPS SureFoot® mat and it solved the problem immediately!” Robert -Pages Livestock Transport Maintenance Manager

    Recently listed as the ‘matting of choice’ in the ALMA ‘Code of Practice’ the SureFoot® Mat is recognised by industry professionals for its ability to reduce animal stress, lameness and injury from slipping.

    Recommended by the RSPCA and approved by the MLA the SureFoot® Mat is ideal for use when cattle are required to stand for long periods of time or where the risk of slipping and falling is high. The unique ‘Sure Foot’ design reduces slipping and beast agitation and dramatically reduces hoof damage caused by sharp metal surfaces and cattle grates. The installation of the SureFoot Mat® allows for calm movement of animals and facilitates smooth loading and unloading of stock.


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