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    Achieve champion show results with the SureFoot® Mat!!

    Position your college as an OH&S & Animal Welfare leader with the patented SureFoot® Mat.

    St Johns College Dubbo - Presentation Areas

    St Johns College Dubbo- SureFoot® Matting

    Recently listed as the ‘rubber matting of choice’ in the ALMA ‘Code of Practice’ the SureFoot® Mat is recognised for its ability to reduce animal stress, lameness and injury from slipping.

    Recommended by the RSPCA and approved by the MLA the SureFoot® Mat is ideal for use in high traffic areas and solves issues relating to animal health and welfare. The unique ‘Sure Foot’ design reduces slipping and beast agitation, reduces dust and the risk of inhaling harmful bacteria often found in loose bedding materials. Installation of the SureFoot® Mat allows for calm movement of animals throughout the facility ensuring a safe working environment for students, animals and staff.

    “The RSPCA believes that the SureFoot® Mats have the potential to improve the welfare of cattle in a range of situations  “

    Training Institutions such as the ‘St Johns College in Dubbo’  are reaping the benefits of installing the RPS SureFoot® Mat including reduced risk of injury; calmer beasts; smoother operations; improved facility and; increased animal welfare.

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