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  • Common Problems

    Slipping and falling:

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    Maximum traction – less injury

    Cattle and concrete surfaces are a lethal combination, particularly when wet.

    The SureFoot® Mat provides maximum traction and cattle confidence, protecting not only the animal but also their handlers.





    Reduces injury from spreading

    Reduces injury from ‘spreading’

    Muscle, joint and ligament damage is not only painful for the animal but is often so severe that an animal will not recover. This means that the animal is often euthanased – a lose/lose situation for the animal and the owners both.

    The installation of the SureFoot® Mat reduces the risk spreading and the stress and financial losses that often accompany this type of injury.


    Hoof damage:

    Sure Footing For Cattle

    Provides protection under foot

    Hard, stony and uneven surfaces put undue stress on cattle hooves and can result in injury to the soft underside which may cause lameness.

    The SureFoot® Range features rubber matting solutions that provide an even, anti-slip rubber surface which ensures that the risk of hoof damage is greatly reduced.



    Boggy areas:

    No more mud!

    No more mud!

    Mud! A growth pit for bacteria and a potential hazard for cattle in terms of slipping and infection entering via open wounds.

    The Agri-Ground Cell® is the perfect solution.  It provides, surface stabilisation, excellent drainage, improved traction and a stable ‘mud free’ surface for your cattle to walk on.



    Loud ‘echoing’ walking surfaces:

    Cattle Ramp

    Cattle Ramp

    The echoing sound produced when a cow walks on raised flooring can cause it to baulk. This is particularly prevalent when cattle enter transportation via wooden loading ramps.

    To combat this, the SureFoot® Mat ‘dampens’ the loud echoing sound by means of a soft rubber walking platform which reduces animal anxiety and makes them calmer and easier to handle.


    Respiratory issues:

    Loose Flooring can harbour Q-FeverLoose flooring in yards and pens can be expensive to purchase and dispose of and high in maintenance.  It is is rampant with particles that when disturbed are easily inhaled by the animals, you and your family and can contribute to the spread of Q-Fever.

    The SureFoot® Range of rubber matting products provide an easy, cost effective alternative to loose flooring that is dust free and human friendly




    SureFoot Mat  helps prevent lameness

    SureFoot Mat helps prevent lameness

    Animals that are required to stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time suffer muscle and joint fatigue that can lead to lameness.

    The SureFoot® Range of rubber matting provides a cushioning under foot that assists in reducing the incidence of animal lameness within the industry.

    SureFoot® Mat is a division of RPS Industries Pty Ltd